CETA Business Forum announces Novareckon as official partner


Ceta Business Forum is pleased to announce a partnership with Novareckon, an innovative SME in full growth, which invests in R&D, hires highly qualified personnel and develops a portfolio of its own business projects.

Novareckon was born as a spin-off of public research to enhance the encounter between academia and businesses, public bodies, the non-profit sector and citizens.

Today its network has grown strongly over time, consolidating around the internationally recognized success of product and process innovation projects as well as change management models in the light of technological evolution.

Novareckon aggregates skills and transfer knowledge to create and develop innovation projects, covering all management: feasibility study, work plan, team building, intellectual property, financing.

Thanks to its involvement in numerous R&D projects funded by the European Commission, Novareckon participate in the life of the international scientific community and develop multisectoral lines of research.

The CETA Business Forum, with the support and presence of Novareckon, will offer an important space for discussion, comparison and development of new relations between the European Union and Canada in key sectors of the economy of our future, including through a large B2B area set up to allow participants to develop and consolidate their network in the CETA area.

The first edition of the CETA Business Forum is scheduled for June 22-23, 2022 and will take place entirely online, through a digital platform capable of reproducing a 360° trade fair event, with the presence of classrooms, stands and services for interaction between participants, all in 3D format.

The B2B area will be open from June 22 to 30, 24 hours a day, and will allow participants to arrange face-to-face meetings to get to know each other and develop new relationships.

For registration go to the official page of the event.

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