CETA Business Forum welcomes new partner UNCI Agroalimentare


Ceta Business Forum is pleased to announce a new partnership with UNCI Agroalimentare, the italian association representing cooperatives and consortia of fishing, aquaculture and agriculture.

UNCI Agroalimentare, which operates mainly in the coastal regions of Southern Italy, is particularly sensitive to the protection of operators of the sea and agriculture, aware that the cultural heritage they have matured in years of practical experience it should not be lost, but used in local, national and global policy development programs for the sector.

UNCI Agroalimentare intends to lead the agricultural and fish sector towards the full realization of environmental, social and economic sustainability, through solid and continuous support for scientific research and training ongoing professionalism, gender equality, generational turnover and direct political representation.

Also for this reason, the Italian Association has decided to participate in the CETA Business Forum, which will dedicate a large space of discussion to the issues of agriculture, blue economy, environmental protection and sustainable development. In particular, attention will be focused on the economic opportunities that can be developed from these sectors through a fruitful collaboration between the Member States of the European Union and Canada.

UNCI Agroalimentare mainly carries out representative function, both nationally and internationally. Consequently, it considers CETA to be essential for strengthening and improving relations with foreign countries, in particular between Europe and Canada, an increasingly popular destination coveted, especially among young people as it is a large country but with little population density that enjoys a healthy climate and a great landscape full of lakes and mountains.

Added to this is the immense job opportunities being a market robust, rich in resources and constantly growing as well as a gateway privileged to other markets, thus providing more opportunities to businesses.

UNCI believes that CETA can be an excellent tool for creating synergies business between local and foreign companies, a springboard for all local companies that intend to extend their market, as well as a tool for reflection and experiential exchange, especially for young people who are starting to entering the world of investments, development plans and projects innovative.

Furthermore, CETA has more than one mission in common with UNCI Agroalimentare and between these, what we consider fundamental is the support and the creation of new ones opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises of farmers, food producers and manufacturers of traditional food and beverage products, as well as the benefits that derive from it.

The Italian association therefore looks forward with interest and enthusiasm to the first edition of the CETA Business Forum, which will take place on 22-23 June 2022 and will be held entirely online, through a digital platform capable of reproducing a 360° trade fair event, with the presence of classrooms, stands and services for interaction between participants, all in 3D format. A B2B area, on the other hand, will be open from 22 to 30 June, 24 hours a day, and will allow participants to organize face-to-face meetings to get to know each other and develop new relationships.

For more information and registration go to the official page of the event.

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