CONFAPI Vicenza e Pedemontana

Partner presentation

CONFAPI Vicenza e Pedemontana” is the Association that represents and supports Small and Medium Enterprises in the Pedemontana Veneta and Vicenza Province areas. The Association put People at the center of its attention: entrepreneurs, their families, employees and managers with their respective families, who together represent the majority of the territorial social fabric.

The territory in which the Association operates constitutes more than 35% of the GDP of the Veneto region: the goal is to build here the central area for the well-being of entrepreneurs, workers and families, realizing a model for the revival of economic development based on social development. All this transits through services, facilities and infrastructures suitable for real needs, while respecting economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The Association also always looks carefully at technology and innovation, to give increasingly immediate and effective answers to businesses, accompanying them by the hand into the future.