Creativity and Fashion Industry

Conference Room Europe – June 23 – 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm (CET)
Moderate the Ceta Talk
Caterina Passariello

Caterina Passariello

Head of Institute MACTT Malta

Several sectors of the creative world have had a strong take-off in terms of sales between Canada and Europe with the introduction of CETA.

This is due to two main aspects: first of all, the cut in customs tariffs has led to a greater sale of goods produced by creative and cultural companies, as these are also more competitive than other competitors.

The fashion sector in fact recorded an increase in sales of 110.1%.

Another important aspect is that, thanks to CETA, situations of equality have been created between Canada and the EU in terms of intellectual property protection.

The rules on intellectual property rights strengthen the protection of copyright, strengthening border measures in particular against counterfeit branded goods, pirated goods with copyright.

This is a big plus for the film, music and publishing industries.


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