Green Economy and Sustainability

Conference Room Europe – June 22 – 6.00 pm – 6.50 pm (CET)
Taylor McCarten

Taylor McCarten

Co-founder & CEO of

More and more countries are focusing their efforts on the efficient use of their resources.

The economic, social and environmental debate regarding climate change is one of the most important in the world.

This is leading companies and governments to focus attention and commit to sustainable and low environmental impact solutions.

In this context, CETA is leading to an increase in green trade between Canada and Europe, in particular in exchanges related to energy efficiency, the reduction of environmental impact and clean-tech products.

In fact, the EU is Canada’s second largest export market for green trade: Total trade in environmental goods amounted to 7.1 billion euros (10.5 billion dollars) in 2019, 17 , 2% higher than its level in 2016 (before the entry into force of CETA).

Always comparing 2019 to 2016, Canadian exports of environmental goods grew by 23% and European exports by 15.8%.

In particular, in the three years of application of CETA, the trade of pipes for recycling, prefabricated building structures, energy-efficient machinery and equipment for measuring pollution levels has grown significantly.

During the GREEN ECONOMY ANF SUSTAINABILITY CETA TALK we will listen to the views and experiences of high-level speakers in the sector, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and synergies between Canada and Europe, to explain the opportunities that exist in this sector. with CETA, in order to increase and improve the development of projects and activities in this sector.


Pablo Perez Montero
Pablo Pérez-Montero González
Head of Sustainable Finance & ESG Advisory of CaixaBank
CaixaBank: Development of Sustainable Finance in Europe and Canada
Justyna Mazurek
Justyna Mazurek
Comercial – NUNSYS
Boost collective transport at schools and make your cities greener
Cristian Salazar
Cristian Salazar
Strategic Advisor (HEC Montréal)
What opportunities does the CETA agreement offer to Canadian and European green tech exporters?