Public Procurement and Services

Conference Room Canada – June 23 – 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm (CET)

One of the great novelties and great advantages for both European and Canadian companies derives from the fact that with CETA, European companies have the possibility of being able to participate in public tenders open in Canada, both at federal, provincial and municipal level, and conversely, Canadian companies can participate in European ones.

This means that Canadian companies will be able to bid for supplies of goods and services in Europe, opening a potential estimated business of $ 3.3 trillion a year.

On the other hand, EU companies are the first non-Canadian companies to have access to these opportunities, with a provincial government procurement market in Canada worth double the federal one and equal to billions of dollars a year.

Canadian public procurements are published on a dedicated website, thus making the procurement procedure more transparent and access to information easier.

This opens up many job opportunities for goods companies but above all service providers.