Start-Up and Young Entrepreneurs

Conference Room Canada – June 22 – 6.00 pm – 6.50 pm (CET)
Ceta Business Forum
Moderate the Ceta Talk
Luis Miranda Molas

Luis Miranda Molas

Project Manager ASCAME

Both Europe and Canada are two regions that in recent years have attracted more and more young people and start-ups who choose these countries to start their projects.

Thanks to the presence of venture capital funds, funding schemes of individual governments, private investors and institutions, there are many opportunities and eco-systems for starting a new company.

In particular, in terms of investment opportunities, CETA simplifies investments in Canada for European companies, removing the obstacles previously presented, ensuring that there are no differences between domestic and foreign investors and not imposing new restrictions on foreign holdings.

Looking at the sector of intellectual property rights, thanks to CETA there is a strengthening of the protection of copyright: the Canadian rules are in fact aligned with the EU ones for the protection of new technologies and the management of digital rights.

There are therefore many opportunities for young entrepreneurs on the one hand and for investors on the other. We will discover them together during the START-UP AND YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CETA TALK.


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