Women Entrepreneurship

Conference Room Canada – June 23 – 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm (CET)
Moderate the Ceta Talk
Diana Balta

Diana Sanda Balta

Community Manager ICONIC Cluster

The growth of women-run businesses and start-ups is a hot topic worldwide.

Women have an essential role that must be valued in order to improve their social, economic and health status as well.

The opportunities offered by CETA in various sectors also allow female companies, both Canadian and European, to be able to look beyond their own country, to the opportunities offered in other contexts, in order to both personal and business growth.

During this talk we will listen to the experiences of European and Canadian entrepreneurs with the aim of defining the actions to be taken to accelerate the growth of all-female companies.


Mais Taha
Mais Taha
Eco -Designer Director (MTiPx) & CEO (XEROWASTE)
Impactful Sustainable Technologies Startups
Jennifer Moriconi
Jennifer Moriconi
President and founder OWIT Brussels
Tips and advice on how t do business between Europe and Canada.
Cristina Balaceanu
Cristina Balaceanu
Business Coach
Challenges women face in business.